Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Slice of Inspiration

Today, on my way back to home, sitting at back seat of the cab, at red-light I saw an old man around 80(may be more) was driving a car. I was surprised to look at this. He was driving so nicely to look at this. He was driving so nicely that it seems that he is in no hurry, not feeling hot, in short looking so calm.

Just looking at him I thought that not physically but mentally he is so strong that he still has courage to drive in so congested place where if I would drive I will lose patience after few minutes. Their upbringing is so strong that they are much stronger than us. If I would say to him that you need to start earning for living, he won’t ask my why or how? He would say only one word to me “OK”. I was little curious to know that what is the driving force that keep u going as the old people I know of his age are so attached with their kids so emotionally that they can’t take decisions without their kids concern(I am taking major part of society. Still exceptions are there. )

Wondering that how his children would be at? Strong like him or not? If I would consider my parents, they are also very strong. They always say that strongness come only come with your past experiences which include many things.

First thing is Expectation. What u expect and from whom u expect? Analyze it.

Secondly, Acceptance. How u accept things in Ur life? It depends how u adjust or compromise in Ur life.

Thirdly, Value or respect both what u have and not have and also for others. Be honest to all those that u deal/met in life.

Fourth, Be Grateful about whatever u get in ur life. Regrets never lead u anywhere. Learn from them with guts.

Fifth, Emotions, which are Ur daily dosage, so play smartly with them, so that they would be in control according to you.

Sixth, Be Patient with Time as it is the major role in life to make ur Life as Experience with All Ingredients.

Seventh, Just not believe; Trust whatever u do in ur life coz it gives shape to ur future. Also it is connected how u think about things/situations in ur life and how u take decisions on the basis of that.

Today,our generation specially generation after us is less stronger than us. Still, Lots more things I need to learn, but these are small guru mantras dat is given by old people and I’m just applying it.Somehow I am successful in few terms. And Hats Off to dat Old guy from whom I got inspiration how to be stronger mentally and emotionally coz its only thing that keeps u going till ur last breath.

Last but not least, few words

We all come into this earth with our distinguish and standalone destiny, but with invisible map of journey to reach at. And above things help us to see the map clear and believable to Achieve.

Love & Blesses

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