Monday, November 3, 2008

Life from God's point of View

This story I read in a magazine .So I thought of sharing with you.This story change my view about life. Wish this will help you to see life in another way.

This is the story of a kid and his mother.One day a kid return home after playing with friends and put his head on his mother's lap.Her mother was doing some embroidery work on a fabric. The back of side is in front of the kid. he didnt like that messed which is back side of embroidery. He asked his mom pointing to back side of fabric" Why there is so much messed up this side Mom? Whats the beauty behind this? Do you like it?". she smiles and showed him the upper side of fabric which was showing how actual embroidery looks like.He wondered by looking at this.He said "wow,this is so it can be done". Mom replied "Every Beautiful thing has pianful story.Our life is also like this embroidery.When we see from our side thts messed up one we feel that our life is full of struggles,pains,hurts,etc etc, but when we see from God's side its so beautiful like garden. God's work is to make your life beautiful with all this pain and struggle and the you will see God has made special and unique garden of life which has flowers of diiferent colors."After knowing this Kid got to know that always see life from God's point of view because he has different plans for you.

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