Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Marriage: A Flow of Time or Decision?

Many people have their own story of marriage. And most important they never feel excited to tell anybody about that particular day. Reasons could be anything like shyness, tired of answering and most popular line "jaise sabki hoti hai waise hamari hui, nothing new”. I wonder sometimes that after getting married are we less excited about even to discuss? And just because of this people now days start taking marriage as Formal Togetherness of 2 people.

Many of my friends are younger to me and when I ask them what’s marriage to them. Only one answer I got "Relationship of love and togetherness". How many of them are mean it I don’t know. I think Marriage is the concept where you have lots of discussions from different angles but you will not get any single ending. And I don’t have any definition or thought about it. I always said "It would be starting of our one more routine which is addition to our lie and become part of life. In short 2nd Innings merge with my 1st innings which will remain". And when I ask my friends that if they have so beautiful thought so why not you get married? I got so many pre-conditioned excusable answers like “I am not financial stable", "Its big responsibility" "I am not settled in my career" blah blah blah.I have only one line to say them "These are never ending desires once you achieved it you will get need of more".

People usually ask when you turned 25 “Are you still single or recent Bachelor?” And with common expression of smile the answer is"didnt get any of my type till now". Now people look so many types in their potential partners like how the partner looks? Is he/she working? What about comm. skills? and most important question "is my partner is adjustable to my social circle?”. I think these are irrelevant questions.Thats why I m still single and happy. Jokes apart. Why people made so many of choices and restriction in their life. Are they lost trust in himself? Why people think if they have all the desirable things in life then only they will get married? Why not flow with whatsoever happening? If you feel like going to start new life. Go for it. Why you look for excuses in finance, home and career?

I never thought that way in my life that my partner should have all the necessities things of life. Life is never be like a straight road without anything in their sides and turns in between. When nothing can be permanent as we know so why to hold it? I Think life becomes more beautiful and adventurous when you start everything together in companionship. I had a wonderful story to tell you. This is a story of a great author( not remember the name) who shared his one part of life thts Marriage .This story gave me so much inspiration of how is it feel to be together. Here it goes:

(I am giving a name to this author and will use some places of my choice)

In his teenage, John was the most brat child. He was not good in anything like studies, sports, cultural activities.He also didn’t have good relation with his Family. He was drinker and smoker too. Like this his college life also passed. In his 20s he shifted to California. He did so many jobs of short duration but not succeeded in any one. He went through so many relation but never stick to any one. One day he met a girl in a pub who is cousin of his friend. They become very good friend. Life gradually starts taking place. They fight most of the times on things like money, life, time eTc etc. After 2 months they thought that we fight always on one thing that our life is not ok and we are not giving time to each other so lets get married and we live together and also will have time to think together to discuss everything. We both in need of support. He didn’t think of even that he is not well settled in his life in any term, they got married. Their friends were in obvious shocked. But they never had any answers. In his 30s he did his MBA from a Stanford University. He got a very good job They also have 3 children for whom he has to take care. In his total span of life he never thought how the things will work. Because he believed in himself and his wife and most important time. He never blames time and decisions he took in his life. He became MD of the company in his 50's. Then he decided to write a book and to share his life with the world .Now he is a renowned author.

What’s the moral of story? Lets rephrase it .what’s the concept of this story? The answer is "Simply Togetherness". I also start believing in this that Marriage is support system of everything in this world. If you are in this support system you never know what God has written for you. Sometimes Bad time also give an opportunity to get this software of support system.

These were my thoughts. I wish this will give you a thought of one more thing in your life which may not be important right now but have much more value than we can imagine.

"Be Together with someone special because he/she needs you as a support system for whole life till you last breath."

May the rest of your life be the best of you life .

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