Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thoughtless in Emotions

Today I m in “thoughtless in emotions” state which is undescribable. A wise person sai d once when u write without a thought you are actually write from heart and in your own words not of that typical graduate literate personJ. I think(sometimes I do this in my free time) coz of monsoon and sudden surprise of rain make me feel like this. Listening music in soothing air with a cup of tea. I every sip of tea I m feeling more to write. Guess what?I am listening Mark Anthony song “ I only feel alive when I dream at night ”.Amazing song. This song reminding of my that side which very rare my friends are aware. Enjoying dance in silence. In span of 2 weeks staying away from my parents I didn’t realize that there are some people who cared about me and I even not feel like to talk with any one of them. Coz may be the reason I m enjoying my these moments and start living of my own. It is difficult to be yourself in your whole life coz u r nt standing in crowd alone you are actually standing alone besides the crowd. I am happy about one thing that my parents know that I can face the world alone in short in their language “yeh manage kar legi jaise tese karke”.Of course sometimes I feel how my parents manage to think like this . seriously. If I would be in their place from where I would get so much courage.

Staying alone with no emotions and complete thoughtless state I learnt a lot in these 15 days.How to move on in life? How to ignore the things in office which is most terrible thing to do? and most important which is till in process how to be and think fearlessly?. I still have that courage to think however I know its nt only what u think, it is important how you think..

The major change I found in me these days is acceptance. I accepted things many times but with lots of excuses but now I have rare excuse. I mean to say now I accept things with thoughtless mind and emotionless heart.I still not feel if something is not in my favour but yes if I would feel yes that thing comes to me with surprise why not experience with it.

Sometimes It is necessary to enjoy the phase of your life. May be they cant give you any experience or any lesson to learn of life but defiantly they give u a thought to remember just to keep it with you always..:)

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20Maverick said...

You really write good :)
But there is difference in opinion...
Shall drop you a mail soon

Shreeram Iyer