Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hi folks,I m writing this blog after a long time.I havent touch this vitrtual thing from the last 3 mnths. Can you imagine that I even forget whats going on in virtual world?what are my friends doing these days?who is writing abt what?Now when I checked updates on my account I felt that nthing is changed . Everything is as usual. I remember those days when every day I used to come and chat with my friends and sleep hahahaha.I saw lots of changes in myself since last 5 mnths. Everything get changed.Just due to change in myself I m feeling that everything is perfectly fine and perfectly placed accuratly. Amazingggggg.I actually enjoyed with myself.

Last mnth I was nt well,but, still I enjoyed that phase also.why?How can a person enjoyed to be ill or sick?yes everybody can.I relaxed.I talked to myself.I get to know how people think about u or any other thing differntly everyday . they have different perceiption abt same thing every day. Means to say everyday they change their mind and thoughts.sometimes it is gud to be like this bczo u are refreshing urself and if it becomes possesive then u need to think abt this obsessions.

Last mnth , I realised that may be u dont like to be ill or "feeling nt gud" factor but somewhere it is gud to be ill coz atleast you are getting time to spend with urself and ur family.

So I would say whenever u would be ill, dont push urself to be healthy as earliest as possible.Enjoy it. Love it .And be with it.

Enjoy Your illness.Enjoyyyy

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