Sunday, May 16, 2010

Peace : Search Within

Yesterday, after a conversation with my friend, I was thinking about how people made a perception about their way of comforts to their own way of living which sometimes arise a question "How we can think like this?” Why am I discussing all this as I got to learn a new thing which is all about Peace.

My friend is living in Dwarka, Delhi which is one of the developing and biggest sub cities like Noida/NCR.He is staying there from last more than a year I think so. Small families and singles, who are working in gurgaon are staying over here.

Now, whenever he used to talk to me about Dwarka, he always says "yaahn ka paani salty is greying like anything". I always said him that why not you change the location of house as health is more important than staying in posh colony. He always replied "Here is peace". I replied to him "Staying in posh colony , where after 8:00 pm you can’t see people on road, is it peaceful place for you?" He said “no sound/voice is only PEACE for me.”

After this conversation, I thought that is it important to get peace we need to stay away from people or place? Or we need to go to Himalayas to get that peace either. I shifted my thoughts and I got a new thought that Peace never comes unless and until our inner soul is not at peace. Changing places and non-interaction with people never give peace to us. Why not a person workout on changing Inner peace? Lots of ways to do that but we are not ready to spend our time and energy to do that.

COMFORT is the only culprit of our life which never want us to experience something new, unusual, incomparable and unimaginary EXPERIENCE which is always helpful to us in smaller way but a new way which may be you ask yourself doing this "What will I get to do that?" SMALL experiences are much better than BIGGER One. Do it, you wont get any harm, Only Experience, which would always be long-lasting possession.

Where ever you stay, keep your soul at peace.

Experience the Experiences to get the Experience.


narayana said...

Changing what you have, Ektha ,comes from changing who you are. And changing who you are comes from changing what you think. At this very crossroads of time and space, more than ever before, there are so many billions of people yearning to awaken and understand the truth about themselves, their divinity, and the magic.

soumya said...

Hi Ekta,
This is Awesome. Peace peace peace the only thing we always want but do we really get? Those who got, they know it’s nowhere; it’s exist in our inner soul.
One should have the followings in order to get the so called “PEACE”:

1. Unconditional love.
2. Self respect.
3. Learn to forget & forgive.
4. Don't hold grudges.
5. Don't be jealous of others.
6. Accept what cannot be changed.
7. Stay away from negative conversations and from negative people.
8. Learn to be more patient and tolerant with people and events.
9. Don't take everything too personally.
10.Some emotional and mental detachment is desirable.
11.Learn to practice meditation.
12.Do not crave for recognition.
13.Never leave the mind vacant.
14.Do not procrastinate and never regret.

Sushma Sindhu said...

Hii Ekta,
Nice write up.. "whatever we really are would have to be intrinsic", How true!
Great restart! Keep updating :)